You can either travel with your bike and our team will organise accommodation and luggage transfers from stop to stop or you can talk to our travel specialists to include bike hire for your tour. What to see along the Via Appia. We descended down into the catacombs and walked through a maze of ancient grave niches. Villa Doria Pamphili, is Rome’s largest public park, and often overlooked by tourists. As the interesting part of the Via Appia or Appian Way stretches many kilometres, hiking is perhaps not the best way to explore the road. The cobblestone road—built in the fourth century BC to transport supplies and soldiers to strategic points throughout the Roman Empire—still exists today, lined with archaeological sites and impressive ruins. Pieces of the old Appian Way can be found around the old Roman Empire, but the longest stretch is found just outside the walls of Rome. I got a comfortable new saddle and choose a nice white helmet for the day. Wealthy Patrician families chose to be buried here and many of their mausoleums line the Via Appia. The original Via Appia Antica was built using huge basalt blocks. You can book a Via Appia Tour Here that takes you past all the highlights of the Appian Way in a three-hour guided tour. For more information about cycling the Via Appia or to book your trip, contact our travel specialists. Have you ever considered to take a bike tour in Rome? We received a rain poncho as rain was in the forecast and excitedly we gathered on the streets for a nice group photo. Trousers or leggings work perfect (no dresses). No crowds, no selfie sticks, just the wind through my hair and the sun on my face. I was all but too happy with my E-Bike. Not only did he safely maneuver us through the heavy traffic of Rome, but he also shared an abundance of facts and stories about the Romans and the road. First constructions began under the Roman Censor Appius Claudiaus Caecus (hence the name) around 312 BCE. I couldn’t believe we had been cycling for almost the whole day! The itinerary is identical, as well as the distance which is a total of 27km (16 miles). Villa Doria Pamphili. Before we knew it, we were almost outside the city walls of Rome. Now, we picked up the pace as we rode over small country paths. Countless Roman ruins and many grand villas can also be admired along the way, including the 17th century Castel Gandolfo, the former papal summer residence. Daily 9:30 am – 18:00 (6 pm) Appia … For more information, check out the website of St. Callixtus Rome. I visited the Appian Way on a Monday. She's infatuated with Roman Ruins, Road Trips, and Railway Journeys and she's crackers about cheese! Bikes in hand, it’s time pedal out along this ancient Roman road. RENTAL → EXPERIENCES → FROM 8 € ! The full Via Appia trail connects Rome and Brindisi (350 miles / 563kms) but our cycling the Via Appia tour takes in the last 190kms of the route, from Formia, on the Mediterranean coast, to Rome. Take the chance to explore the green and lovely surrounding outside of Rome’s city center. Traffic around Rome can be quite heavy and we had to cross a few major traffic junctions. Trousers or leggings work perfect (no... Bring your sun cream and sunglasses. The Appian Way Antica (the old one) is no longer in use as such. For information and reservation: 065135316 – Follow in the footsteps of ancient armies, stopping at sites such as the Circus of Maxentius, Catacombs of San Callisto and more. We continued towards a part of the Via Appia that looked like the ancient road. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enjoy a bicycle ride past ancient ruins and shaggy sheep on Rome's famous Appian Way. Renting a bike in Rome is the best way to discover the city. If you decide to purchase something via one of my links, I earn a small commission. I preferred the guided Appian Way Bike Tour as we had a very knowledgeable guide with us. Depart Rome for a 6-hour private bike tour from the city center to the rich landscape of the Appian Way and Aqueducts Park. I paid for the tour (€79 per person) and got a ticket. The Appian Way in Rome is the ancient road in the south of the city. On the other side of the city, located on the Gianicolo hill behind Trastevere, is another spacious park that’s lovely for a peaceful bicycle ride. Next up: Staying Home. We left the traffic and noise of Rome behind us but were only meters away for the ring road! Bike Rental. After this part of the Via Appia, we continued into the outskirts of Rome and our guide navigated us through a bunch of roads and green fields. Our departure point was not far from the Colosseum which was just a short metro ride away for me. On your bike you can use our Web-app, with GPS system, to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just a stone’s throw from the center of Rome, the Via Appia was a lush, green and quiet surrounding. Marvel at the monuments of the Imperial City such as the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. E-Bikes, normal bikes, fat bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes, you name it: they got it. All in all, the tour lasted a good hour and gave a good insight into this important monument for early Christianity in Rome. I recognized them because you can see them on the bus if you arrive at Rome Ciampino airport. To visit the Appia Antica Park ours is an outstanding starting point, because it allows you to avoid the traffic of the city center and easily leave your car in the parking lot. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Please use my blog as inspiration for your next trip but follow guidelines on staying at home and indoors. Comfortable clothes. It is not an automatic bike, but with each stride, the electric motor just gives you an extra push. We followed all the instructions of our tour guide to a T. He told us when to cross the road, he stopped the traffic for us to cross as a group. Another public bus to visit the Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) is the 660 bus, terminating also at Cecilia Metella. The most notable of these is the 15kms which bring you in a dead-straight line from Frattocchie into the city of Rome. Required fields are marked *. Green everywhere, open views and the silence of nature. Explore the ancient Regina Viarum on a relaxed 3-hour electric bike tour, and discover the old ruins and pristine beauty of the Appian Way Regional Park. The Appia Antica in the Caffarella: bike through nature The bicycle route on the Appia Antica extends for 16 km, from Porta San Sebastiano in the centre to Santa Maria della Mole, but you can choose the shorter path that goes through the Caffarella. The path, lined by cypress trees felt like a scene from the Gladiator movie (you know, where he comes home and sees his house in the distance across fields of waving grass). Iceland Winter Packing List for Plus-Sized Women, 10 Mistakes to Avoid Driving in Iceland in Winter. All right reserved. Pingback: ROMA: 50 POSTS QUE AYUDAN PARA VIAJAR [4] | Viatges pel Món, Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to my mailing list by clicking HERE. This way, I was able to enjoy the bike tour of the Via Appia and still keep up with the group. In the end, I decided to join the tour as I’d liked the extra details the guide could provide and it would be much safer to navigate Rome by bike. I didn’t. And it’s not far. The Park Office with bicycle rental is located at the first bus stop of the lines 118 and 218 on the via Appia Antica (at the first entrance to the Catacombs of the Calixtus). After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the road fell out of use; Pope Pius VI ordered its restoration. Tour Tickets: By following this link you can book a Via Appia bike tour. It was a fun filled day but cycling up all the hills of Rome was hard! I met our tour guide and together we picked a bike with the right height ratio for me. The tourist office of the Appia Antica Park opened in 2005 and it is managed by EcoBike Ltd since April 2014. There are also numerous underground catacombs, some of them open to the public, such as San Sebastiano and San Callisto. 80% of our self-guided tours are on the road, so I recommend not being a beginner! To bike the length of the Appian Way it took us exactly one hour, including time to stop for photos. More Roman history in Ostia Antica near Rome. The 118 also stops close to the bike rental at Via Appia Antica 42, if you’d rather bike than stroll. It is always good to stay hydrated when exercising (even if it’s on an e-bike). We parked at the catacombs of St. Callixtus for a visit. This was my favorite part of the bike tour as the Via Appia looked ancient and was surrounded by lush green trees and we didn’t hear any traffic. Do you want to explore the Via Appia Antica in Rome? Bring your sun cream and sunglasses. Tour Details. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 00179 – Rome. 9 Best Churches in Rome – for non-religious visitors, Discover more around Rome in the Lazio Region, Do’s and Don’ts for your Food Tour in Rome, ROMA: 50 POSTS QUE AYUDAN PARA VIAJAR [4] | Viatges pel Món, Travel to Cinque Terre: 15 Surprising Things you did. He signaled when to stay on the right or on the left and he instructed when to give extra power or shift gear to keep the group together. Here are some tips on what to bring on your bike tour of the Appian Way in Rome: Comfortable clothes. What I liked so much about this Appian Way Bike Tour was that I was away from the crowds of Rome for a whole day. In the end, we ended up at the Roman Aqueducts! The Appian Way is also lined with tombs of ancient patrician families of Rome. This post is not sponsored and I’m not affiliated with them, but I do highly recommend their Appian Way bike tour. There, where the old Roman pavement is still located, it is no fun. Once the entrance road to the center of the Roman Empire, now a lush green area far away from the traffic and tourists of Rome. You move further and faster with less energy. While much off the original Via Appia route has been transformed into modern roads there are still parts where the original cobbles exist. From the Colosseum, for example, it’s just 15 minutes on the #118. Top of the page. The Appia Antica Café rents bikes and sells an assortment of sandwiches and fruit for lunch. After 4 visits to Rome, Italy, there was still one thing on my list I wanted to do in Rome: take a bike tour of the Appian Way! You will begin this 3 hours adventure at Circus Maximums, Rome's largest stadium, said to once upon a time host up to 250.000 spectators! Get the latest tips and advice, travel inspiration, upcoming events and special offers by email. Marketing Manager Maria is from Viveiro, in the misty and beautiful northern coast of Galicia, and now calls Ireland her adopted home. Travel Blogger from the Netherlands. We cycled up a small hill and the scene opened up to us. We each received a well-fitted bike at the shop. The only thing we weren't so wild about is the haste with which the bikes were given to us. In the Netherlands, we always cycle everywhere but nobody wears a helmet. They offer a variety of services including bike rentals and brochures to help you find your way around Via Appia. Our guide explained about the building techniques used to erect the aqueducts and the mistakes the Romans had to overcome to direct water to the city. The first 80kms approximately are relatively flat but as you approach Sezze the terrain becomes more hilly and challenging. Appia Antica Visitor Centre. You can explore the first miles (with the most exciting ruins) on foot. I did a bike tour in Rome before. You’ll be riding the bike for quite some hours in the day. And I didn’t have to travel that far. 3 reviews of Punto Informazioni "This is where you rent a bicycle for the aqueduct. So if you’re way fitter than me and have experience with bike rides, then you can have a normal bike. Via Appia Antica bike ride. The Via Appia was built to facilitate the movement of the armies, supplies and commerce back in 312BC. It looks good for that. I didn’t. Probe around the Globe 2015-2020, to discover what lies beneath the cultures of our world, Amazing Appian Way Bike Tour Rome – Cycle on the Via Appia Antica, Naomi is a Travel Blogger from the Netherlands. Attractions are plenty at the Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica. Here and there, we found some ruins sticking their head out from the grass fields but overall, there was nothing or nobody around. It felt like we were a long way from the center of Rome but actually, it is quite close. Reviewed May 20, 2013 . How to Celebrate an International Christmas at home? Hard to believe this quaint carless road is a mere 2-3 miles from Rome’s Colosseum! Cycling in Rome is not dangerous if you know what you’re doing. After our Roman delicacy tasting, it was time to head back into the city. She also loves travel, good food and good books, as well as all things arty crafty. Helmets and locks are included. Here are some tips on what to bring on your bike tour of the Appian Way in Rome: We left the bike shop and our guide led us through a maze of back streets and quiet roads. There are plenty of fountains in Rome, so you can fill up your. More roads were built afterwards but the Via Appia was the first and one of the Empire’s finest. Via Appia antica. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Bike is charged by an electric battery and you still need to pedal yourself to keep it in motion. It sounds very simple but he had a hard job keeping all of us in line and together AND managing the traffic and keeping up with the group. Characteristic landscape and archaeologically important places are summarized in the regional park of the Appia Antica. Past trips: Lebanon, Wales, Argentina, and Iceland. You can reserve the same Via Appia bike tour with the same company via GetYourGuide. APPIAN WAY BIKE TOUR The four-hour bicycle excursion Appian Way bike tour takes you back in the thrilling time of the ancient Rome. Maybe my best day in Rome ever! From the visitor centre you can pick up a handout/map listing 54 attractions. She has walked and cycled many trails including many Camino routes, Japan's Kumano Kodo, the Kerry Camino in Ireland and many others. But thanks to our guide, we patiently waited for the right moment to cross and made it out in one piece. You’ll be riding the bike for quite some hours in the day. Read all about my experiences on the panoramic bike tour in Rome here. Today we introduce you to all the most important things you should know before cycling the Via Appia, the most famous road of the Roman Empire. When you click an affiliate link and purchase a product or service via the link,  I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I’m not that vain but I did want to wear my dress. The day started out cloudy and there was some wind, so I didn’t bother to put on sun lotion. The Appian Way bike tour can be done on a normal mountain bike too. The route is a symbol of the mightly Roman Empire also with its darker side, for instance it was also on the Via Antica that the famous slave leader Spartacus was crucified along with some of his followers. Via Appia Antica bike rental: Rent a bike on Via Appia Antica The national park Via Appia Antica extends over 3 500 hectares. Photo by Ibarto We saw a lot of unique off the beaten path sights of Rome, without the crowds! Infatuated with Roman Ruins, Road Trips and Railway Journeys. The Regina Viarum, or queen of the roads as the Via Appia was also known, was built in 312 B.C. Overview Cruise through Rome on two wheels with this cycle through the Appia Antica Regional Park. If you plan on going to the visitor center or even just walking through Appia Antica Regional Park, keep these hours in mind. Slowly, the traffic around us grew, the green vanished and the concrete was back. Learn more about Naomi by reading her full story, Ultimate Dare Devil Guide to the Efteling Roller Coasters, 5 Reasons to Take a Day Trip to Ostia Antica from Rome Italy. Enjoy the freedom of riding your e-bike along Via Appia Antica, uncovering its endless treasures with ease along the way. Here we even saw the room were some of the first popes of Rome rested their heads. You are here: Explorations Along Via Appia Antica. She adores Santiago, where she studied Journalism at Santiago de Compostela University. Your email address will not be published. Read below what the Appian Way Bike Tour from Rome is like! It was an absolute no-brainer this time to choose for an E-Bike to take on the Appian Way bike tour. At no extra costs to you. The morning of our Appian Way bike tour I hesitated to find the proper outfit to wear. The Appian Way (Or Via Appia) was first used as a military road to the south. You can ride the Via Appia so reasonably well with the bike. This opened up new opportunities to extend the road. For example, no one explained to us how On our bikes you can easily visit the whole park, avoiding the downtown traffic. We did see some traffic on the road but it was marginal. As such it is today a UNESCO listed world heritage site. The Via Appia Antica (Old Via Appia) or Appian Way was Rome’s first road and Europe’s first ‘highway’. I was so tired from cycling all day but what a great day! We covered a lot of ground, but I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day (just a bit tired of all the nice impressions). We will visit what is left from that time: villas with mosaics, many ancient tombs, street signs from the time of Paul, and the same vegetation of Paul's days. Bring an extra bottle of water. Home > Blog > Cycling the Via Appia, ‘queen’ of roads. Not even children. On the Appia Antica. Cycle the Appian Way; an ancient roman road that takes you through wooded forests, along dirt tracks to the Park of the Aqueducts. On the way, we saw ancient monuments, old churches, Roman statues and passed through the Aurelian Walls. I absolutely loved it. A popular tour is the Catacombs and Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) E-bike Tour. I went into the basement which was lined from left to right with bikes. I could not believe this was also Rome. An Appian Way Bike Tour is the perfect way to explore the area and I wanted to cross if off my list. The full Via Appia trail connects Rome and Brindisi (350 miles / 563kms) but our cycling the Via Appia tour takes in the last 190kms of the route, from Formia, on the Mediterranean coast, to Rome. Our itinerary takes up to 10 nights to complete. Read more: 9 Awesome Free Things To Do In Rome. Check for prices and availability here. You can visit it for free and walk on a road that was built 2,300 years ago! 1. A new Appian Way was built in parallel with the old one in 1784 as far as the Alban Hills region. You can find level courses along the Tiber banks, the Tiber bike path, in the city center between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia, from the Coliseum to via Appia Antica, and north from Piazza del Popolo along the Via Flaminia to the Tiber. I got to see historic and cultural sights while being outdoors and not having to walk! Information Point and Bike Rental –Appia Antica Regional Park. We left the Aurelian wall behind us where the Appian Way starts and cycled along. Cookies ensure the best experience, continue to use this site if you accept it / Utilizamos cookies para mejorar tu experiencia, si continuas navegando, consideramos que aceptas su uso. We were guided by a member of the order who explained what the catacombs were designed for and why they were needed. We arrived at a rustic farmhouse where we sat down for some delicious cheese and wine tasting and a rest. Once you arrive in Rome, you have a wealth of archaeology and historic monuments to visit, so we recommend spending at least a couple of nights in the always fascinating ‘Eternal city’. Participation costs 39.50 € 3. We rode in a single line but when I looked left and right, the tall grass was waving in the wind. The Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) was the first and most important Imperial Roman road, stretching from Rome to Brindisi. Disclaimer: I joined a bike tour of the Appian Way by TopBike Rental & Tours in Rome. As you ride further out, covering up to 4 miles of the 40-mile stretch, you will start to get a real sense of how long and important this road really was in building the Rome we know today! I did contemplate a little to just hire a bike and go see the Via Appia for myself. They are open from 9 to sunset and their prices for bike rental are 5€ for the first hour, 3€ for each additional hour (prices from 2020). This post contains affiliate links. Attractions at the Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) Big Bus Rome: Termini is the first pick up. The road was used to transport troops and army material from Rome to the front and helped the Romans win many battles in the south. The Appian Way bike tour is made possibile for even the worst cyclist thanks to the use of electric bicycles, a must when you need to reach the top of a hill.
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