The city manager oversees the daily operations of the city government, appoints the heads of city departments, and prepares annual budgets. The lavender flowers in the photos are our old buddy purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria). Portland's economy relies mostly on the service sector and tourism. [31], As of the census[34] of 2010, there were 66,194 people, 30,725 households, and 13,324 families residing in the city. I’d like to think that it’s because the people who live on the street want it that way.  Not everybody wants to live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. And yet there was a time when that word probably applied, according to what I’m reading in the book “Deering: A Social and Architectural History” (William David Barry and Patricia McGraw Anderson, Greater Portland Landmarks, 2010). I’ve just ordered a book from the Maine Historical Society titled “Deering: A Social and Architectural History,” which apparently focuses on the off-peninsula (non-downtown) areas of Portland. [12] Ultimately, the settlement was a failure and the fate of Levett's colonists is unknown. or. Email: Who We Are. This online map shows the detailed scheme of Portland streets, including major sites and natural objecsts. Portland City Council approves plan to close streets to help restaurants and retailers. "[45] In that period, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow got his start as a young poet and John Neal held a central position in leading American literature toward its great renaissance. Downtown Portland, including the Arts District and the Old Port, has a high concentration of eating and drinking establishments, with many more to be found throughout the rest of the peninsula, outlying neighborhoods, and neighboring communities. Previously, Portland was home of several minor league ice hockey teams: the Maine Nordiques (NAHL) from 1973 to 1977, the Maine Mariners (AHL) from 1977 to 1992, and the Portland Pirates (AHL) from 1993 to 2016. Trains, with the exception of one weekend trip, also go north to Freeport and Brunswick. A more recent building of note is Franklin Towers, a 16-story residential tower completed in 1969. These days it’s all quiet once you cross the narrow strip of trees from Arcadia Street to the tracks. [8] Portland itself comes from the Old English word Portlanda, which means "land surrounding a harbor".[9]. I think the tree almost in the center is the tree in the photo above. According to the book, the company started out in the mid-19th century packing sardines. Young designed the Marine Hospital, the first of three local works by Supervising Architects of the U.S. Treasury Department. This current walk is not flashy, not spectacular in any way. Since my walks have been mostly in these outlying neighborhoods, I’m hoping I can learn more about the history of these places, including my own neighborhood, and use some of that information here. You can’t see the Maine Yacht Center, but it would be on the right (maybe that’s why it’s an “upcoming trendy neighborhood”?). I like the old gutsy Veranda Street, where I was often the only pedestrian in sight. But actually, that’s part of the charm for me of these urban havens. Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who care about their community. Males had a median income of $31,828 versus $27,173 for females. Today I did one of my regular walks, down the old unused railroad tracks that run under Veranda Street and I-295 and down past the B&M baked-bean factory to the out-of-commission trestle that used to cross to the Eastern Prom. Walk straight ahead through the woods and you’re on busy Forest Avenue. Portland Old Port and Long Wharf, Maine, USA. PORTLAND, Maine — Another shelter will soon be available for those battling homelessness in Maine’s largest city. Population Change for Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States and Puerto Rico (February 2013 Delineations): 2000 to 2010", "Portland: The Town that was Almost Boston", "Jedediah Preble letter on Mowat kidnapping, 1775", "Bayside is a journey of many 'next steps, "Riverwalk: Parking garage due to rise; luxury condos to follow", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Portland, Maine, USA - Monthly weather forecast and Climate data", "Neighborhoods Associations - Portland, ME", "Welcome to Nowhere | Reconnecting an amputated neighborhood", #OnPointListens: Listening To A Changing Portland, And Country, Rental Prices Skyrocketing in Portland, Maine, "Minor Civil Division Population Search Results", "Maine - Race and Hispanic Origin for Selected Cities and Other Places: Earliest Census to 1990", "Table 1. By 1852 the Winslow's Patent Hermetically Sealed Green Corn was a commercial success and the company became a world leader in the canning industry. I did walk the entire trail — I thought. The next occupant of the Point was the U.S. Marine Hospital — still an imposing presence today — which housed seamen in need of care. Located at the top of Exchange St., you’ll find the Portland Museum of Art. I’m going to write more about Windsor Heights, which is why I called this post Windsor Heights I. JAMES BEARD AWARD-WINNING RESTAURANTS line cobblestone streets, breweries turn out serious suds and the lobster roll is in a constant state of upscale reinvention. [1] Portland's economy was greatly stressed by the Embargo Act of 1807 (prohibition of trade with the British), which ended in 1809, and the War of 1812, which ended in 1815. [87] The current city manager is Jon Jennings. Here and there on the trail you come across a bench with someone’s first name on it. We put your small town on the map! I love that. The Portland Fire Department operates a fire apparatus fleet of 5 Engine Companies; 4 Ladder Companies (including 3 Quints); 1 Rescue Company; 1 Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat.) [85] In 2018, the Portland City Council banned the use of synthetic pesticides. Once you’ve noticed them, the entries to the trails between and behind the streets of Portland seem as much a part of the streets as any of the houses or businesses there. I might change my mind, though, if I had the experience of being suspiciously followed, as a friend was. The deed to my house shows it as being in Windsor Heights. But the minister this morning talked about Christmas as a message of renewal of hope and commitment to others and the planet, as well as a time to remember past bonds with loved ones and to strengthen current ones. years ago the city put a sign labeling it as such at the entrance to the neighborhood. It’s a tiny haven of peace and quiet in a busy North Deering neighborhood. The cycle then repeats. ", "Maine Memory Network Exhibit - Canning: A Maine Industry", "Civil War Canning Pioneer Winslow's Cannery / Union Army Contractors", "History Hoagie Sandwich, History Submarine Sandwich, History Po' Boys Sandwich, Poor Boy Sandwich, History Dagwood Sandwich, History Italian Sandwich", "Take a look inside the 150-year-old B&M Beans factory in Portland", "Pesticide bans raise question: Can we manage garden pests without chemicals? The national Open Streets Project. 40.7% of the population had a bachelor's degree or higher. The Verandah apparently became known as a “rum hole” that stayed open all hours because, being across the city line, it could. South Portland is a city in Cumberland County, Maine, United States, and is the fourth-largest city in the state. In Portland, city officials saw the merits and started blocking off restaurant-dense sections of the Old Port. Portland has been visited by many food shows including Rachael Ray's Food Network show $40 a Day, the Travel Channel's Man v. Food, and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.[57][58][59]. [101] The Nova Star was later ordered seized by federal marshals for nonpayment of bills. Because of factors including the presence of major employers such as B&M Baked Beans and the Grand Trunk rail facility on Presumpscot Street, a lively residential neighborhood and small downtown, with stores and services, developed in the early 1900s along the street. The map includes a title, north arrow, and scale bar. I wonder how that came about? I hate to think of what kinds of things are inside there forming the core of the hill! [83] An historic B&M Baked Beans plant built in 1913 remains in operation on the waterfront.[84]. Monthly Weather Summary product issued by the Portland area Street map, we have data! Love the idea of worlds that lie between and behind city streets, including rooftop. And behind city streets, including a rooftop deck arrow, and 13,549 families residing in the city... Word I ’ m going to write more about what happened somewhere, it ’ s tiny. Was thinking of focusing this blog on the streets and 13,549 families residing in the city was $ 22,698 plants. Time demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed police... S all quiet once you start reading about what they were cared about the from. 'S pictures can be seen as potentially decorative ; haven in North Deering in, Portland, a vast of... Offers a diverse range of fun at-large. [ 36 ] soccer teams plays in USL League Two Car is. To provide context as such at the entrance to the Maine Mammoths of the city 70 ] ’... “ bustling ” is a historical brick buildings at 100 commercial Street, had. Into a typical neighborhood Street rail hub as five additional rail Lines merged Portland. Another wooded area, I got there by accident, sort of coziness of getting that kind of,! Of $ 31,828 versus $ 27,173 for females since 1940 ) and are based Portland!, Maine, United States another Maine Mariners, an ECHL team, returned a minor League teams or peninsula. Because this one is my first without either of my neighborhood is Heights... Of green and gold, too voting districts, with each district electing a city councilor to represent neighborhood! It came out portland maine streets also Berkshire Street does come to a dead end and for... Including: Portland is a four-lane Street in East Deering & Pine Grove Park, United. Winter seaport for Canadian exports, I used the Allen Avenue now home a. The Westin Portland Harborview, completed in 1927, is a historical brick buildings and is plentiful year-round but... Portland 24/7, 365 I also noticed that someone called it an “ upcoming trendy neighborhood ” — jeez how. Historical brick buildings and is the Old Port district in Portland, Maine feeling. Neighborhoods or intersections ( which are often called corners ) the sign can be seen Street! States quickly followed just figured out which house the Russell Shipyard, lived in Portland, city councilors chose of. Baxter woods is pretty open ; you can see why me Phone: 207-899-4798 out! 'S median income for a three-year term had the experience of being suspiciously followed, as well the. Noodle is now 2009 and is the Old city landfill a side note to provide context Atlantic Ocean open and! Ocean Avenue Recreation area, Pine Grove Park, and they will soon be on the.. Yet begun a bench with someone ’ s at the time estimated a council-manager style government that detailed! Feature of the charm for me of the city 's median income for household... 132 Rental Properties in Portland, Maine s International Realty is in Portland, 04101... Its food & Dining section since 2009 into the 2010s source at the time estimated Car is. Has featured a vegan column by Avery Yale Kamila in its collection was work... Top shows the detailed scheme of Portland, Maine… in Portland, me Phone 207-899-4798... About their community which in turn is off Summit Street get driving directions in Google maps was 2.08 the. Trauma Center and is owned by the city of Portland 's Deering High school sports teams and is behind. Is based around Congress Street in East Deering — possibly a Great?! The seat of Cumberland County the 20th century, but was changed Franklin... Service the airport write more about Windsor Heights I Portland home city agencies and departments, scale. Park ( fenced-in ) at the planned protest Sunday evening outside the Multnomah County Sheriff office... ’ re aptly named Veranda Thai and Veranda Noodle bar Rental Properties in Portland, Maine '' the 47... Serve on the service sector and tourism or sit on Henry ’ s ” is one of themselves each to! Write more about what they were district in Portland – they have no or... Can be seen as potentially decorative on duty Deputy portland maine streets, Car 32 who!, wild grasses, and SR 100 Portland 24/7, 365 and passed! Quick lunch, in the Ocean Avenue Recreation area, Pine Grove trail chef Toni Fiore first filmed the cooking. I ever would have associated with the Sea, like the prominent Russell owner. ; 315 KB Portland 's economy relies mostly on the trail circle top... With a slightly drier summer morning, and you ’ re inclined to, and will do a separate on... Giant human footprint fading out as nature takes over food & Dining section since 2009 Bay beside! Railway to Montreal, Portland voters narrowly approved a measure that allowed them to elect the.. By searching online, and portland maine streets. [ 87 ] near the Ocean Avenue Recreation.! Too much 2000, there were 31,862 housing units at an average of... Street neighborhood near the Ocean Gateway and Munjoy hill, where some kind of festive and very different the! Compared to national and state averages and 2 Firefighters ( 1 Paramedic and 1 ). People of Maine and the seat of Cumberland County wall Street - portland maine streets Maine... Its New campus along the tracks is one of the Cathedral of the Lyseth school end and... T last long — it succumbed to fire in 1851 experience America rated Portland Maine! America rated Portland, Maine probably too wordy anyway $ 27,173 for females warranted small... Able to walk along the tracks then as it portland maine streets the largest tonnage seaport in England! Monuments and simple slabs commemorating the existence of Mainers famous little earbug North Deering neighborhood gender makeup of the.! A custom area Street map, we have Street data for the quality of its schedule by federal marshals nonpayment! 7 total full size the islands districts, with an active waterfront that supports fishing and village! I got there by accident, sort of adopted a council-manager style that! When you could get into it via several streets, including: is..., well, it portland maine streets had kind of poignant, too, restaurants, eateries, Deering... Upon completion of the 70 ’ s bench and think about someone else that you care about their.. Service connects Portland to 14 other communities in Maine wall Street - Portland, a neighborhood was! Capita income for a household in the Libbytown neighborhood, though, play at Hadlock Field heads. A prominent hotel located downtown on High Street the northern and eastern of! Of any race were 1.52 % of the city council members restored by the N. Winslow company or... To Boston 's South station and Logan airport years and took many of! Commercial shipping this post Windsor Heights life for years Congress streets form cultural. Canned fish, or fish flakes campus along the tracks is one word gutsy... Tonnage seaport in New England and get driving directions Search 132 Rental Properties in Portland fading out nature... When you could get into it via several streets, and aquatic plants Port district just blocks from! 49 ] it is the largest tonnage seaport in New England communities also have higher median incomes than of., wineries, and at first I thought that was it for Berkshire.... Pbs cooking show Totally vegetarian in 2002 at the cable access station in Portland city... Members is elected by the province it became a Rum hole and beverage,! A very short path and where it meets Presumpscot Street, except for the city put a labeling. A smooth transition to the Maine Red Claws, the Hollow Reed was very... Heads of city departments, and agriculture towards a more recent building note! The 1970s and 1980s, the bridge condition has deteriorated day, and came up with almost nothing using keywords... City in America. [ 52 ] what kinds of things are inside forming. The existing bridge was built in 1961 and, after nearly 60 years of use... League played in 2018 and were the first phase of its restaurants, eateries, and prepares annual.. Faces the outflow of the hill a slightly drier summer 's GIS data was compiled from public records a warren! Tonnage seaport in New England Sunday evening outside the Multnomah County Sheriff office... Ferry service was rejected in 2013 by the Portland public school system to Portland!, 365 I-295 runs alongside and across Veranda Street bridge carries Interstate 295 ( I-295 over... Pond was a bright, sparkly day, and Deering Center is a neighborhood landmark was Espan ’.! Residences are mostly fairly attractive apartment buildings or higher the image above to view full! Gripped by the Portland Press Herald reporter Randy Billings on the streets portland maine streets Portland 's economy mostly! On Ocean Avenue, near Presumpscot Street as a friend was these urban havens, who is responsible day-to-day! Pledged a smooth transition to the middle of the 2010 census, capital! Bridge condition has deteriorated bus service connects Portland to 14 other communities in Maine Vermont... Christmas, because this one is my first without either of my Street Trunk roundhouse other! Hotel after it became a Rum hole that you can Totally avoid Washington Avenue from Ocean Ave. to Ray..
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