Hardy to Zones 5 to 10 (Woundwort) Herbaceous perennial hardy highly adaptable to lowland sites as well as gardens at altitude. The variety ‘Hummelo’ can be seen above and below and is one of the most popular varietal selections out on the market (sometimes sold as Stachys monieri). Wood Betony strengthens the stomach. The tannin present in Wood Betony … Stachys officianalis. This … Wood Betony is the common name for Stachys officinalis, which actually is a medium height, slightly hairy plant of the Lamiaceae ⁄ Labiatae (Mint family). It has red or purple flowers. Be the first to review this product. Barely cover the seed with soil and tamp down well. Notes: Wood Betony tends to grow in clumps and is partially parasitic; common host … The common name of betony comes from its resemblance to true wood betony… The above ground parts read young plants and leaves can be cooked like greens. (Another plant known as wood betony, … Betony is a hardy perennial herb. At one time, the wood betony … It improves appetite and poor digestion. Betony is of frequent growth in shady woods and meadows, having aromatic leaves, and spikes (stakoi) of light purple flowers. Plant hardiness to USDA Zone 4, betony requires only average soil, and tolerates full sun to partial shade. How to grow betony: Sow on Winter Solstice (see the Solstice Sowing page). The plant is … So come buy and see our huge variety of herbal plant seeds … All the leaves are rough to the … There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the … Betonica Officinalis seeds can be started indoors in pots from October to February, and when the seedling reaches 3 inches, it can be transplanted outdoors in spring. Wood Betony … It … Opting once again to snatch an old saying quoted by Grieve in her Modern Herbal, I would advise you to, as the Italians once said, "Sell your coat and buy betony." Zones 5 to 9. Hummelo Betony. We stock a wide range of medicinal herb seeds. An entirely underused perennial is the wood betony (Stachys officinalis) which really is a tough and durable plant with plenty of visual appeal. Betony, also called wood betony, bishop’s wort and hedgenettle, is native to Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. The parts that grow above the ground are dried and used to make medicine. Wood betony is best sown in early spring. Betony Plants. You can sow … "A unique looking plant to dress up your traditional garden, Betony … Seeds do best started in flats indoors in early spring. It is an herbaceous perennial hardy … Start betony any way that you like; seeds and cuttings work equally well. Keep reading to learn more wood betony … It may be burned on charcoal with Agrimony and Uncrossing Incense to reverse jinxes back to those who put them on you. Description Stachys officinalis (Betonica Officinalis) is commonly known as common hedgenettle, betony, purple betony, wood betony, bishopwort, or bishop’s wort. This would probably be a good seed to try cold moist stratification. Germination is spotty; a 50% germination rate is common. A nine-herb blend of equal parts Wood Betony… Stachys Officinalis Also, Known As: Betony Lousewort Purple Betony Wood Betony The herb known as the wood betony is commonly considered to be the most important among the Anglo-Saxon herbs. Stachys officinalis 'Hummelo' SKU. It may be noticeable that there is a temporary increase in head symptoms after using Betony … Wood Betony plant holds medicinal benefits. Buy Organic wood betony seeds in packet to bulk quantities. Betony Seeds. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Betonica Species, Betony, Bishopswort, Lamb's Ear, Lousewort, Wood Betony … Order Good tea plant. Think of them as a famine food. Keep the seed evenly moist until germination, occurring in one to three … This medicinal herb plant can … Helps relieve headaches, makes a good tonic. Grow the plants in the same location until they become overcrowded, then divide them and replant. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. A member of the Lamiaceae family, and cousin to Mint and Sage, Betony is a perennial ground cover that produces beautiful, tubular purple flowers. Wood betony is an herb native to Europe bearing a spike of purple flowers on a long, central stem reaching 1-2 feet (60 to 90 cm) high. It has a long blooming period and self-seeds without an aggressive spread. Wood Betony is an entirely safe herb to use, even in substantial doses, for the young or old, and during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It has hairy, square stems and round-lobed leaves. They are, however, musty in flavor. Wood betony … Used as a blood tonic, as a cardiac for … Native to Europe and Russia. If betony … Shop 1,050 Open Pollinated, 600 Organic varieties. Fruit is an angular capsule about ½ inch long, containing many small seeds. Stachys floridana, (STAY-kis flo-ri-DAN-ah) the Florida Betony, is one of the most common urban plants found in Florida. This is usually necessary after about three years in a sunny location. Formerly it was held in the very highest … Wood Betony 'Hummelo' (Stachys officinalis) is a wonderful perennial featuring hot pink flower spikes that emerge on stiff, square stems from a neat mound of glossy, … Betony (Stachys Officinalis) - A cousin of Lamb's Ear, Stachys Offinalis is also called betony, bishopswort, purple betony, or wood betony.Betony is a hardy perennial herb. Betony and every herb sold is useful medicinally or in some other practical application, and many have beautiful and unusual flowers too. Betony, Stachys officinalis, easily at Sand Mountain Herbs.com. An unusual legend once told that grazing animals who ate this plant would be infested with lice, which explains the common name Lousewort. Marsh Betony is in the Figwort family (Scrophulariaceae) and is a hemiparasitic species that will often attach to a host plant (see Germination Code K on right).It is also referred to as Swamp Lousewort or Fen Betony. In any case, the Wood Betony is native to the eastern two-thirds of North America stretching from Nova Scotia to Manitoba, south to northern Mexico and east to Florida. See further below for my favorite: … Continue reading "Wood Betony (Stachys … It is very different from Wood Betony (Pedicularis canadensis) in that it prefers a location that has more moisture, is much taller than Wood Betony… It can also be dried and used as an herb. 43705. Betony, (Stachys officinalis) also known as wood betony, bishops wort or purple betony, is a perennial herb that makes an appealing addition to your herb … Or sow at 41F/5C to germinate in 30-90 days. Betony, also called Wood Betony reaches a height of 12 inches and has pink to purple bee attracting blooms from July through September. A perennial herb hardy to Zone 4, wood betony (Stachys officinalis) is native to Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. It grows in Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. People use betony … Tea can b… … You may also know it as "Wood Betony. Betony is an attractive, hardy perennial that’s perfect for filling in shady spots. Betony (Stachys Officinalis) - A cousin of Lambs Ear, Stachys Offinalis is also called betony, bishopswort, purple betony, or wood betony. Plant hardiness to USDA Zone 4, betony … USDA Zone? WOOD BETONY, also known as Lousewort, is said to be protective against evil spirits and diseases of the body. There are at least twenty-nine uses of the wood betony in the treatment of physical diseases. Betony is an herb. Sun and a moist lawn are magnets for the versatile weed. Wood Betony is not widely naturalized here, but is easily grown from seed and thrives on neglect.